Members of the Committee

All members of the Committee for a Qualified Judiciary are knowledgeable, reputable, and experienced legal personnel and/or community leaders. Regardless of political views or affiliation, all members are committed to impartial and honest assessment of judicial candidates.

Bruce Anton

Ann Marie Arcadi

Christopher Ayres

Jack Ayres

Shirley Baccus-Lobel

Lee Baldwin

Jennifer Balido

Mark Bayer

Vicki Blanton

William Brewer

Shonn Brown

Janet Brumley

David Carlock

Leslie Chaggaris

Li Chen

Chalon Clark

David Coale

Aubrey Connaster

Tom Cox

Bill Cox

Sylvia Demarest

Karl Dial

Trey Dowdy

Lacy Durham


Ruben Esquivel

Dawn Estes

John Estes

Tim Gavin

David Genender

Rebecca Greenan

Robert Greening

Phillip Hayes

Robert Hinton

Nicola Hobeiche

Kent Hofmeister

John Horany

Rhonda Hunter

Michael Hurst

Andrew Jee

Kristina Kastl

Jennifer King

Jeff Levinger

Dan Lewis

Karen McCloud

Kelly McClure

Jonathan McKinnon

Kenneth Mighell

Jim Mueller


Courtney Perez

Vincent Perini

Marcos Ronquillo

Mary Scott

Tomi Shehan

Lewis Sifford

Roy Stacy

Dena Stroh

Robert Tobey

Aaron Tobin

Michael Todd

Victor Vital

Russell Wilson

Bart Wulff

Dan Wyde