FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Forty Candidates Found Qualified to Serve in Dallas County Judicial Races by the Committee for a Qualified Judiciary


DALLAS - The non-partisan Committee for a Qualified Judiciary (CQJ) has determined that forty judicial candidates have been found qualified to serve as judges in Dallas County. The candidates are running in 29 Dallas County judicial races appearing on the March 6, 2018, primary ballots. The CQJ does not endorse candidates and may find more than one candidate in a contested judicial race to be qualified.


The CQJ evaluated both Republican and Democratic candidates who will appear on the ballots of their respective party primaries and invited all judicial candidates to participate in a thorough evaluation process.


CQJ members personally interviewed the forty candidates found qualified and conducted reference checks. Candidates also completed a detailed questionnaire and were surveyed regarding their credentials, cases handled, professional experience and certifications.
Rhonda Hunter, Chair of the CQJ stated that “the candidates were evaluated by the CQJ based on their legal abilities, integrity, judicial temperament and commitment to the fair and impartial administration of justice.”


The forty candidates listed are the only candidates found to be qualified by the CQJ for the 2018 Dallas County judicial elections.


For more information contact Rhonda Hunter, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Victor Vital, 214-258-4124.

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