All Dallas Courts

The CQJ evaluated candidates for contested judicial positions in the primary election who participated in the CQJ's evaluation process. After completing its evaluation process, the CQJ determined that the following candidates are qualified to serve in the office they seek:

Court Candidate
5th District Court of Appeals Pl. 4 Hon. Lana Myers (R)
5th District Court of Appeals Pl. 7 Hon. Dennise Garcia (D)
5th District Court of Appeals Pl. 7 Hon. David Schenck (R)
14th Civil District Barry Johnson (R)
14th Civil District Hon. Eric Moye (D)
95th Civil District Hon. Ken Molberg (D)
162nd Civil District Hon. Phyllis Lister Brown (D)
Greg Gorman (R)
254nd District (Family) Darlene Ewing (D)
254th District (Family) Hon. Susan Rankin (R)
Criminal District Court No. 2 Chika Anyiam (D)
Nancy Kennedy (D)
Criminal District Court No. 3 Hon. Gracie Lewis